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The State Institute for School and Media Berlin-Brandenburg (LISUM)

We are at your service – your partner in the school education area of Berlin-Brandenburg

The Berlin-Brandenburg State Institute for School and Media (LISUM) is an institution of the federal States of Berlin and Brandenburg for the joint school education area.

We are your partner for all aspects of lesson, school and staff development as well as for multimedia education. We support you in quality development in the education sector.

LISUM is the only state education institute operating for two federal states. Accordingly, Berlin and Brandenburg endeavor to join resources in the education area, gain synergetic effects and aim at harmonizing existing systems in important fields of education.

LISUM focuses on developing concepts for counsellors and multipliers whereby we also qualify these teachers. We design manuals and materials which will support teachers in their practical work.

Lesson development
Our main focus is

  • developing and implementing curricula and relevant materials
  • implementing education standards
  • examinations, comparative tests and the like.  We carry out projects and activities aimed at competence-oriented and standard-based lesson development.

School development
We consider school development to be a structured process of changing a single school with the goal of improving the quality of school work in its entirety. To achieve this end we qualify teachers who can support and advise our schools. We also support school culture through seminars for parents, pupils, students and teachers as well as through qualifying seminars in interdisciplinary topics.

Staff development
The focus of staff development is on the qualification of

  • heads of schools
  • school supervisors and inspectors
  • school psychologists and
  • school steering groups.

Multimedia education, education online

Our multimedia sector supports schools and other training institutions to integrate multimedia learning into everyday life.

We offer qualification courses and counselling on current topics.

There is a professional learning management system available for networking and project management.

Further Education/Adult Education

We contribute to the implementation of the Brandenburg Further Education Law by qualifying the staff of further education institutions as well as offering manifold support services.

The State Institute for School and Media Berlin-Brandenburg is divided into four departments.

  • Lesson development in secondary schools and E-learning
    Head: Renato Albustin
  • Lesson development for primary schools, support for special schools and media
    Head: Susanne Wolter
  • School and staff development
    Head: Bernd Jankofsky
  • Administration
    Head: Evelyn Krassa

Director: Dr.  Mathias Iffert

Redaktionell verantwortlich: Heike Haseloff, LISUM